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Is this you?

I have tried different diets and exercises to control my weight, but still don't feel happy about my body.

The amount of my effort doesn't match the result.

I have tried to change my lifestyle but it didn't last for long. 

I wish I could like my body better.

It's time to stop wasting your time and energy, and gain the knowledge that applies to YOU. Make a change that actually impacts the rest of your life.

Innovative Educational Program

The My Body My Control Program is an 8-week educational course that gives you the knowledge and approach that are tailored to you, so you can re-gain the control over your body. You will work through both input and output (learning and implementing) on different topics each week, and make the changes that can last for the rest of your life.


This program includes 8 stages - 7 ELEMENTS from Mikiko's Holistic Approach plus BODY IMAGE focusing on the secrets of social media- , and you will implement the knowledge and techniques into your lifestyle to make the magic happen.

Knowledge is your best armour. 

Knowing what you are doing gives you an assurance and motivation.

What will you gain?

My Body My Control (5).png
  • A clear pathway to change your lifestyle and mindset and body.

  • Science-based knowledge that applies specifically to your body and personality.

  • Holistic knowledge that covers 7 elements + Body Image

  • A lifestyle change that makes you feel better about your life and body.

  • A healthy lifestyle without losing what you love.

  • Support from Mikiko and other people in the group throughout the program.

  • Measurable progress through accountability.

  • Confidence and clarity in exactly what you need to be doing for making long-lasting changes.

  • Control over your mindset and body.

PLUS… discount for Personal Training with Mikiko

"I wish I knew this earlier."

That's what Mikiko's clients say from the first session.


Here is what's included

in the My Body My Control program

8 weeks of

life-changing experience

  • One-on-one Introduction Call into the program (30 minutes)

  • Weekly Education Workshop (45 minutes) that covers Mikiko's 7 elements + Body Image

  • ​Weekly Implementation Homework

  • Weekly Implementation Assessment

  • Access to the recordings from the past workshops

  • One-on-one 30 minute Accountability Calls every 4 weeks with Mikiko

  • Access to the private Facebook group to ask and share questions, share wins, and encourage each other

  • 10% Discount on Personal Training with Mikiko



Learn the research-based facts of weight management and human behaviour.



Set adjustment plans of your lifestyle at weekly webinars and measure your progress.



Ask questions, share your progress, get your changes recognised in our private Facebook page and accountability call.



Feel confident about what you are doing. With the right method, everything you do will impact the rest of your life.

Meaning of the jigsaw pieces

My Body My Control (2).png

When you keep making efforts in a wrong direction, it's like having wrong jigsaw pieces. No matter how hard you work on them, they won't fit.

That's why Mikiko created the My Body My Control program to give you the correct information that suits YOU.

Each piece stands for YOUR OWN BODY and PERSONALITY. They tilt at 75 degrees because Mikiko keep reminding her clients that doing 75% of your best is enough to see the results!

Are you ready to start the life-changing experience?

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