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Due to COVID-19, our lifestyle has changed dramatically. If you wait for the good change to happen, it won't. Good changes in your lifestyle happen only when you make the change. All you need is little adjustments. Here are some examples of what Mikiko can assist you with.


Are you needing a new routine?

Have you not been doing much good stuff for your body?

Are trying to create a healthy routine and needing support?

It's time for a change. You have an assistance to stand up for yourself.


Do you have lower back pain?

Are your neck and shoulders tight and sore?

Have been working at desk?

Have you been exercising but not seeing results in particular parts such as front leg, hips, midsection, arms? 

Improving your posture reduces stress and improves quality of life.


Have you gained weight working from home?

Have you not been eating well?

Have been running and doing other exercise, but not seeing the result that meets the amount of your effort?

Are you trying to start a healthy routine but don't know where to start?

You don't have to change everything. Only some adjustments. 

online coaching available

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