mikiko kusuda


Mikiko studied Health Promotion and Sports Science in the University of Tsukuba, Japan, and the University of Queensland, Australia, and graduated with a Master's degree in 2017. She was once a Kendo (martial art) nationalist, a tennis player, a basketball player, and recently dancing has been her new passion.


She started working as a fitness trainer in 2012 and taught clients from 5 to 90 years old, and moved to New Zealand in 2017. Mikiko now does over 1300 sessions a year, and dedicates her spare time to study the latest science and anatomy to keep updating her knowledge. 


Mikiko's training style is very unique as she does not make a set programme for a client. Using her anatomy knowledge and observation skills, she analyses her clients' movements and conditions at each session to make the best programme for them for that day. Some days, you feel energetic, but other days, your work gets crazy and you do not have enough sleep. If you keep pushing yourself by ignoring those bad conditions, what is waiting for you are injuries and mental fatigue. "Don't go over your limit. Pushing you hard is not the only way to expand your ability," she says.

Her outstanding knowledge of anatomy has helped many clients recover from injuries. Some of them have contacted her after seeing a number of physiotherapists and chiropractors, and they have found their own ways of facing the injuries with her. Each body has different characteristics from text books. You will notice her ability to analyse your body in the first consultation when she checks your movements. Also, if you have tightness from training or injuries, she can help you get back on track using stretching and sports massage techniques.


She is passionate about education. When she was younger, she suffered from eating disorder because she was not confident about her body and relied on the information on the internet. She also had knee and lower back injuries from playing sports too much without doing any mobility exercise. She eventually managed to overcome both of them, but had to go around and wasted so much energy and time. What was lacking was education and someone to guide her to watch her body and take control over it. She does not want people to go through the same pain she had experienced.

She became a personal trainer to be the person she needed back then. 

Nutrition is a big part of her sessions. When she had struggled with her body image and irregular periods when she was younger, it led her to study more about what's going on in the body and why she could not control it. Her nutrition session answers all of her clients' questions about their diet and lifestyle, and gives a better idea about the 'healthy diet.' This is an essential part of the result of weight control. 

Her focus is "Know what you are doing, and why you are doing it." As well as helping you achieve your fitness/body goals, she will guid you to understand better about your body so you can take care of it on your own. She delivers educational sessions and will bring you a sustainable change that actually changes the rest of your life.