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Mikiko has a holistic approach, which means she takes your whole body, personality, nutrition, and lifestyle into account to create your programme. Her strengths are the knowledge of anatomy and observation skill and accountability. She watches your posture, habits and conditions on the day to create a perfect programme for you. The programmes she makes using the analysis and scientific research are very unique to each client and each day.

If you are a super beginner, don't worry, half of her clients are beginners. She will guide you to feel more comfortable about yourself from the very first day!

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You don't have gym experiences? No worries, she will take you through movements step by step. She uses videos, photos, anatomy apps so you can learn why you are doing what you are doing. Many of her clients are beginners, and they  soon become comfortable and confident being in the gym.


When you have injuries, it can be scary to get back to your exercise routine. Mikiko will closely analyse your movements and habits not just to help you recover from injuries, but also prevent the pain so you can enjoy a fit life for the rest of your life.



When was the last time you felt good in front of the mirror? Mikiko went through body image issues in the past. She understands your feelings, and helps you get out of the long tunnel. To listen to her story, visit here

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Good posture is a key to a good life! She assesses your posture and finds out what's causing your sore shoulders, lower back pain and/or knee pain. It's never too late to start improving your posture. Start off with a correct way that is tailored just for you.


You are made of what you eat, and you have 3 chances to make your body better every day.  Mikiko will sit with you and discuss your nutritional needs. Her nutrition sessions will lead you to be the person who knows exactly what you need to have a healthy lifestyle.


Mikiko understands running is not the best cardio options for everybody (and she hates running too!). As you become more comfortable with your workout, you can spice up your session with kickboxing. No equipment or experience needed.

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