Mikiko has a holistic approach, which means she takes your whole body, personality, nutrition, and lifestyle into account to create your programme. Her strengths are the knowledge of anatomy and observation skill and accountability. She watches your posture, habits, conditions on the day, and creates a perfect programme for you. The programmes she makes using the analysis and scientific research are very unique to each client and each day.

If you are a super beginner, don't worry, half of her clients are beginners. She will guide you to feel more comfortable about yourself from the very first day.

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No worries if you don't have gym experiences. She will take you through movements step by step using videos, photos, anatomy apps so you can learn why you are doing what you are doing.


Mikiko can help you recover from injuries and get stronger again. If you have scoliosis, she can analyse it and find the ways to train with it.



When was the last time you felt good in front of the mirror? Mikiko had body image issues too, and knows tips to overcome it. 

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She assesses your posture and finds out why you have sore shoulders, lower back pain, knee pain, or body image issues. Time to improve them with training and stretching for a better life.


You have 3 chances to make your body better everyday.  Mikiko will educate you and help become the person who can think about best meals for yourself.


Mikiko understands running is not the best cardio options for everybody (and she hates running!).
As you become more comfortable with your workout, you can mix up with kickboxing. No equipment or experience needed.