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Weight Control

A uni friend recommended Mikiko to me since I wanted someone who can help me with increasing my fitness level. Being a university student with a part time job and juggling personal life meant being able to commit only for short periods of time. 

However, I enjoyed training with Mikiko since, every training was different and customised to match my condition. It was difficult and challenging but she would always smile and push me through. 

Although I've moved to Sydney, things we discussed are always at the back of my mind such as portion control and posture during training, and that eating less is not always a good thing.

Mikiko is the best PT if you're looking for someone who'll help you to break your mould and make long term changes both physically and mentally.



Posture / Rehab

I started seeing Mikiko to build strength in my back to combat the ongoing lower back pain I’ve been suffering from.

I’ve valued the depth of knowledge that Mikiko brings to our sessions, and her approach of working in safe way to honour injuries, while still pushing what you can do to get results.

I also appreciate the adaptable of sessions depending on how you feel on the day, and the focus she has on stretching.  

Since I started my training with Mikiko, I’ve found my posture is more aligned and my lower back pain has reduced. 


Mikiko is the perfect trainer for those wanting to meet targeted goals including those with injuries.



Rehab / Weight Control

I started my training with Mikiko in July, and I have been loving every single session with her. She trains me once a week for an hour followed by a massage. I have a weak lower back, therefore I asked Mikiko to train me to strengthen my core and avoid aggregating my lower back. 

I enjoy training with Mikiko because she creates the hard training into a fun and enjoyable session. She creates a fun environment around the idea of exercising which makes me feel more motivated each week. She also guides you with detail, which is helpful for those who are beginners. 

In my second week of my session with Mikiko, I started with 20kgs using the barbells. Now I have built a lot of strength and recently lifted 70kgs. This makes me so happy to see progressive results, and this also motivates more to keep trying.

Throughout my training with Mikiko, I can tell that my core has strengthened. This is really important for me as I have a weak lower back, however I can feel that my core muscles has strengthen and I can see the physical change. This makes me so happy!! I feel healthier, stronger and happier. 

I recommend Mikiko as she is well educated and experienced, which makes me trust her as my personal trainer. She brings excitement and joy into a hard training session. I recommend Mikiko for those who have tight muscles, as she will be able to massage the muscles and create a gate to the correct workout that works for you. She’s amazing!! 




Hibiki Kato

Rehab / Fitness

I was recommended Mikiko as a personal trainer by a friend of mine a few months ago as I was having trouble with my back and neck, resulting in migraines. I have had back issues for years but my neck problem was new from an injury doing pilates earlier in the year. I met Mikiko at the gym for an assessment and I walked away really confident she understood my back/posture issues- more than anyone I had seen over the years. Mikiko was honest that there was some serious mobility work that needed to happen, that it would not be a quick fix but there was hope! I have been seeing Mikiko for the last 8 weeks and have made really good progress. My shoulder actually moves as it should! I have had less neck pain and less migraines. I am a nurse and Mikiko has impressed me with her knowledge about how the body functions. We have done some sessions totally focused one small area but the impact that movement has made has been huge. Mikiko's pace of training has increased as my body's ability to move improves. I recommend anyone who is suffering from injury or just has fitness goals to achieve, to contact Mikiko to support your health journey.

Anna-Marie Grace

Rehab / Weight Control

I started to train with Mikiko after a shoulder injury and some knee pain I'd been experiencing. I'd never had a Personal Trainer before and was apprehensive at the start, but Mikiko made me feel welcomed straight away, and soon showed me how I could strengthen my body and push myself, mentally and physically. I was initially nervous about using the weights area of the gym, but again Mikiko showed me I was stronger than I thought - encouraging me to even use the weights area when I wasn't in a session with her, something I said I'd never do! The initial consultation was stress-free, and my food consultation was very enlightening, showing me that I actually needed to eat more food than I had been. The idea of this was hard for me to get my head around, but Mikiko encouraged me to send her photos of my food daily to help me see where I could improve - all very stress and judgement free. Mikiko has me doing weights and cardio training, all designed for strengthening my shoulder/back, glutes, hamstrings and quads.


Mother / Weight Control

I connected with Mikiko in September in 2018 to strengthen my back and core muscles after my pregnancy. I had terrible back aches and almost no energy and was feeling sluggish and tired. I was also over weight that did not help either. Mikiko was gentle and understood my dilemma and helped me slowly on my journey. I remember picking 5 kilos and almost dying to now whereas, I can dead lift with 60 kilos. 
My journey with her has been about pushing my limits, being the best version of myself and building my back strength. She keeps advising me on my food habits, water intake, she also helps me relieve stress in my muscles after tough sessions. 
I look forward to my weekly sessions with her and would recommend her to new moms who want to strengthen their core muscles.


Mother / Weight Control

The purpose of my PT lesson was to get back into shape after giving birth to two kids. I have really enjoyed the style and approach of Mikiko’s classes. Mikiko is never boring, very motivating. Mikiko is able to quickly identify some key issues I had with my posture and joints, and whenever I had issues with muscle tightness or fatigue, Mikiko was able to help me recover very quickly by using different stretches or other recovery exercises to get me back into the training very quickly.



Mother / Fitness










As someone who isn't a fan of the gym Mikiko made my experience very enjoyable. She took time to get to know what would work best for my specific needs with stretching, strengthening and nutrition. Very knowledgeable beyond your usual PT. Well worth the money.



Mother / Weight Control






Rehab / Fitness

I have been a client of Mikiko’s for over a year now, after seeing my husband get into great shape with her and deciding I wanted to as well. In addition, I had decades-old neck and shoulder problems and had been to numerous professionals without getting them resolved.


Mikiko is unlike any personal trainer I have ever come across. With a Master’s degree in Sports Science, she has an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, and how each minute movement affects your body as a whole. 


She individualises her sessions to maximise your long-term health and well-being goals, whether it be to gain physical fitness, tone up or do rehab. She also customises your session on a day-to-day basis depending on how your body feels that specific day, taking into consideration what you have done before and what you plan to do after your workout. She will take it as easy or as hard as needed, and mixes in cardio, strength and conditioning, or in my case, rehab. She can be a slave driver (as she is with my husband) or take things at a slower pace (as with me).


Mikiko will give you as much detail as you want...I am always curious as to how exactly an exercise affects the targeted part of my body, and she can explain the specific effect of a specific movement on the individual elements of your body in a way that is easy to understand and makes sense. So many times I have done exercises and not stuck to them because although I was told “it will help” I didn’t understand the HOW and WHY they work.  Mikiko is very attentive as she guides you through a routine, making sure that she points out how even the smallest adjustment (ie move a centimeter to the right, twist at a fraction of a different angle, etc) can make a big impact on what you are trying to achieve. This is something you could never do yourself, and makes all the difference in effectiveness on a targeted area.


I have done in-person and virtual sessions with Mikiko, and both are great. She listens carefully and makes things fun but at the same time, takes her work (and yours!) seriously.  Mikiko wants you to succeed, and her enthusiasm and zest for life is contagious. She has a friendly, warm personality, and she provides plenty of motivation and a positive take on life through her Instagram and Facebook feeds as well. She offers useful advice about what you can do at home, gives plenty of feedback and encourages you to do the same. Her upbeat attitude and holistic approach have made keeping my body and overall well-being in better shape than I ever imagined.  And my shoulder and neck issues have improved dramatically as well. Thanks so much Mikiko!


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