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coaching method

Three Principles

of Mikiko's coaching

3. accountability

1. education

2. individuality

Knowledge is essential to keep your body under your control. Her sessions have huge  educational aspects. She guides you to find out what you are doing without realising it and why you are doing it.  

Each body is different. Each day is different. She uses latest science as a hint and applies it to your unique body. Her program is adjusted to your condition of the day to make it more efficient and less stressful. 

Starting a new habit is easier when you have a support. She becomes your new teammate, and works towards your fitness goals with you. Your journey will become more fun when you celebrate the positive changes and share the joy with someone. 

Mikiko's strength is the depths of her anatomical  knowledge. She makes it simple and easy for everyone to understand using an anatomy app and photos/videos. This learning process is one of the reasons her sessions are popular for people with any fitness levels.

Holistic Approach

Holistic approach is, instead of focusing on one thing, you look at the whole picture of health.
Mikiko especially takes these 7 elements into consideration when training with you.
Some can be improved through training sessions, some need to be done by changing your daily habits, and some need to be managed correctly so you can live with them throughout your life.

She makes the nutrition sessions available to anyone (first session free for PT/semi-PT clients) because it is essential to adjust your diet when you start training. This method comes from her experience of an eating disorder.


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