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No need of home workout

It's been weeks since the gym closed. If you haven't started liking home workout, it is definitely not your thing.

Some can adjust to home workout better, others can't. Simple like that.

So don't feel guilty of skipping it, or try to force yourself to do it any longer.

When you force yourself do something you don't like, you would hate it even more. Who would start liking vegetables when your mum forces you to?⁠

Doesn't mean don't do anything

However, if you don't do anything meanwhile, the risk of injuries will increase once you start doing gym exercise. So my suggestion is to use this time for PREPARING FOR THE NEXT STAGE, instead of doing nothing.⁠

Maybe try it a couple times to see if you really don't like it or not. Then if you still find it just hard, switch your mind to focus on making the most of the remaining time of quarantine,

These are the options you got to prepare for your gym to open.⁠

  1. Try free online classes so you can at least do something⁠ without any pressure of $$$.

  2. Find a Personal Trainer to make it as enjoyable/efficient as possible⁠. You don't have to think about what to do.

  3. Do outdoor activities such as uphill walk 4-5 days a week.⁠

  4. Focus on making your body condition better by doing yoga, stretching, and foam rolling so you can have better workout once you get back to gym⁠

  5. Focus on creating a healthy diet routine that you can continue after the gym opens.⁠

Exercise for fun, not as a task

If you are feeling like it is a task, and if you feel guilty for skipping it, I think you should find another way that works better with you.

Your exercise routine is something you enjoy. Something you want to do. Something you feel excited about doing.

Not something you feel extra pressure about.

Hope this article relieves that pressure that you have been giving to yourself.

There is other ways other than home workout.


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